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One Month Lasts, Election Supervision Study Program Must be Closed

Chairman of Bawaslu Abhan closed the Election Supervision Study (Tadarus) program. Photo: Public Relations Bawaslu RI

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Body - Bawaslu officially closed the Election Supervision Study (Tadarus) program after almost a month the program took place during the Ramadan month of 1441 Hijri.

"Tadarus program or election supervision study starting this afternoon the activity was formally closed," said Bawaslu Member Mochammad Afifuddin in an activity commemorating Nuzulul Quran, Khataman Tadarus of Election Supervision at the Bawaslu Building RI, Jalan MH Thamrin 14, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (20/5) 2020).

It is important to know that the Election Supervision Monitoring Program is broadcast by Bawaslu through 27 online editions of the YouTube network. The program contains discussions of the ins and outs of the electoral world and is filled by competent people such as academics and various activists of election monitoring organizations.

In this activity, Chairman of Bawaslu Abhan participated in appreciating the success of the Election Monitoring Tadarus activity. Because the new activities carried out online are of interest to various groups.

"We need appreciation, Tadarus Pengawas activities are beyond expectations, the demand is huge," he said.

The closing of the Election Supervision activity was attended by Bawaslu members throughout Indonesia through online applications. Also present were Bawaslu Secretary-General Gunawan Suswantoro, Bawaslu Member Rahmat Bagja, Fritz Edward Siregar, and Ratna Dewi Pettalolo.

Editor: Jaa Pradana
Photographer: Robi Ardianto


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