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Local Government Must Prove the Seriousness of the Local Election Budget in the Middle of Covid-19

Member of Bawaslu Ratna Dewi Pettalolo. Photo: Public Relations Bawaslu RI

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Body - Bawaslu member Ratna Dewi Pettalolo asked for seriousness from the regional government in providing budget support for the 2020 elections. The reason is that the election budget during the COVID-19 pandemic was not budgeted for the election budgeting process.

"Bawaslu Province, Regency, City need a definite budget related to additional costs in the implementation of the election with COVID-19 protocol," she said in the discussion 'Activist and Media Online Ngabuburit', Saturday (05/16/2020).

Superintendent Srikandi considered that proposing the local election budget was not easy. Regional Bawaslu may not necessarily get a budget in the Regional Grant Agreement (NPHD) Manuscript as needed. The proposal process is quite long. There are regional governments that question the supervision budget.

"The NPHD budget issue was discussed before COVID-19. That alone requires lengthy communication. Moreover, the election budget when COVID-19," she said.

In addition to the NPHD issue, Dewi provided examples of needs that were not regulated in the election budget. For example, the cost of procurement of personal protective equipment (APD) that is needed. However, APD and other health equipment or supplies are not included in NPHD. "We don't have the budget to buy PPE," explained Dewi.

On the other hand, Dewi views the substance of the elections as happiness. Therefore, voters must get peace, happiness, and joy in all stages of the election. However, COVID-19 makes people in a less happy condition. So, the government must be able to help reduce the rate of decline in contracting the virus.

"The government must be able to guarantee that voters will remain calm following the elections during the 19th council," said the Coordinator of the Bawaslu Enforcement Division.

Even so, continued Dewi, Bawaslu will continue to ensure that supervision runs by the stages of the 2020 elections. Of course, the election supervision work is adjusted to the technical rules of the KPU. Election supervision work is one indicator of the quality of elections. "The sustainability of the electoral stage should consider the proposals from the election supervisors," she concluded.

Editor: Jaa Pradana
Photographer: Bhakti Satrio


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