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Factual Verification of Individual Candidates, Bawaslu Find Tens of Thousands of Support from ASN and Local Election Organizers

M Afifuddin/Photo: Public Relations of Bawaslu RI

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Body - In monitoring the factual verification (verfak) stage of support for individual candidates for the 2020 elections that take place from June 24 to July 12, 2020, Bawaslu finds support from the state civil apparatus (ASN) and election organizers. Coordinator of the Supervision and Socialization Division of Bawaslu M. Afifuddin revealed that there were tens of thousands of supporters that were declared ineligible (TMS).

He explained that the support was stated by TMS because the identity of written support documents as ASN was 6,492 and 4,411 local election organizers. Based on KPU RI Decree Number 82 / Pl.02.2-Kpt / 06 / Kpu / II / 2020 concerning Technical Guidelines for Submission of Support and Verification of Support for Prospective Individual Election Pair 2020, ASN and regional election organizers are prohibited from expressing support.

"The findings are spread in 79 districts/cities that hold the Election (Pilkada) 2020," said Afif in a press conference at the Media Center Bawaslu, Jakarta, Tuesday (07/14/2020) afternoon.

Other findings, he continued, related to the verfact process were supporters who could not be found because they were not present. Afif said it was allegedly supporters were working or traveling. "Verfak was then held at night to be able to meet these supporters," he said.

Also, said Afif, in verfak implementation found supporters who have died, multiple supporters, supporters who have moved domicile, and information that is not all with supporting personal data.

"Concerning these findings, the Village / Village Superintendent made suggestions for improvement and recorded in the results of the supervision form to be submitted to Panwascam," explained the former National Coordinator of the People's Voter Education Network (JPPR).

Furthermore, he continued, for supporters who could not be met, the verification officer would conduct a method of gathering supporters in coordination with the prospective support team. This supporting gathering process requires a health protocol to avoid the spread of co-19.

Editor: THS Ranap
Photographer: Muhtar


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