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Can't Relax, Bagja: 2021 is a year of Evaluation and Preparation for Simultaneous Elections in 2024

Rahmat Bagja/foto: Robi Ardianto (Public Relations of Bawaslu RI)

Jakarta, The General Election Supervisory Agency(BAWASLU) - The Member of Bawaslu Rahmat Bagja reminded provincial Bawaslu and district / city BAWASLU not to relax in 2021. He asked the election supervisors to make evaluation of 2019 and 2020 elections and prepare for Simultaneous Elections in 2024.

According to him, electoral governance aspect still leave problems to face the Simultaneous Elections in 2024. Beside Presidential Election (Pilpres), Legislative Elections (Pileg) from the district / city level to the national level with total of five ballot boxes, in the same year will also be conducted regional head elections (Pilkada). He said, it would be heavier for election organizers in the event of a democratic party.

Since the 2024 constitution has not changed, we will face the same problems but with adjacent time. For example, when the campaign begin (President Election 2024), there begin the stage of regional head election (2024)," said Bagja in Focuss Group Discussion (FGD) held by the Democratic Party DPP virtually, on Saturday (27/02/2021).

He revealed that if the election is conducted in November 2024, then in December 2023 it has started the stage of elections. Meanwhile, December 2023 is assumed to have entered the 2024 Election campaign period.

"This is how election organizers to split the time. It is an important issue that must be discussed electoral governance aspect," said the Coordinator of Bawaslu Dispute Resolution Division.

In addition, Bagja said that if the 2024 Election phase begins in July 2022, it will be related to the time of displacement (change) of central Bawaslu and central KPU. The change will occur in April 2022.

For information, the FGD was also attended by KPU Member Viryan Azis and some election activists such as Hadar Nafis Gumay and Titi Anggraini.

Translator: Fernanda Allice

Editor: Ranap THS


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