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Bawaslu Appreciates Facebook and Instagram Plans to Open Data on Campaign for Regional Head Candidates

Bawaslu Member Fritz Edward Siregar when speaking at an online discussion resource titled Policy Recommendations Regarding Election and Local Election Regulations in Indonesia related to Political Campaigns on Social Media, Thursday 18 June 2020 / Photo: Robi Ardianto (Public Relations of Bawaslu RI)

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Body - Bawaslu member Fritz Edward Siregar appreciated the plan of the social media company Facebook to launch a list of political advertising costs incurred by prospective regional heads (Cakada) on Facebook and Instagram.

"Every advertising costs used (candidates via Facebook or Instagram) can be seen how much the costs incurred by each ad. That is part of political accountability," he said in an online discussion titled Policy Recommendations Regarding Election and Election Regulations in Indonesia related to Political Campaigns in Social Media, Thursday (6/18/2020).

Even so, he admitted, in the Law on Local Election Number 10 of 2016 there were no detailed rules regarding campaign advertising on social media, including restrictions on funds used in advertising.

"Indeed, the Regional Election does not recognize how many restrictions on funds used for advertising, but it can be part of accountability when reporting campaign funds," he said.

Facebook Indonesia Government Relations Manager, Noudhy Valdrino, or what is known as Rino, confirmed that he would launch a product of political ad transparency or what is called political ad transparency. It is planned that the product will be launched before the 2020 elections take place.

"(Facebook) will launch political ad transparency that can be seen from this product is the amount or 'range' costs incurred by political candidates (regional head candidates) in buying ads on social media, and it will also be seen who pays for the ads. , "he said.

Rino explained, the agency or party that wants to carry out political campaign advertisements must be registered and verified in the political ads transparency system. "For example, parties want to pay for political advertising through one of the agencies, later it can be seen that the agency has an address where and everything must be verified and registered on political ads transparency Facebook can only do political advertising," he explained.

Through these products, he continued, people can no longer carelessly carry out political advertising to support certain cakada. For that reason, he said, his party asked the Election Supervisory Body and the Commission to verify candidates who had been officially determined by the Commission and its social media accounts.

"For that, we need the help of Bawaslu and KPU throughout Indonesia in the process of verifying which candidates have been officially and which social media, so that data is verified and registered in the political ads transparency system," he explained.

He also added at this time to find out public service ads in the Facebook ad library can be seen through Facebook @ the library. "(For political advertisements) what messages can be seen and who pays whether agents or parties," concluded Rino.

Translator: Ali Imron
Editor: THS Ranap


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