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Masks and Hand Washing Can Be a New Mode for Election Violations in 2020

Member of Bawaslu Ratna Dewi Pettalolo. Photo: Public Relations Bawaslu RI

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Body - Bawaslu Member Ratna Dewi Pettalolo views, the application of COVID-19 health protocol standards such as washing hands and wearing masks could be a new mode of abuse of voting rights in the 2020 elections. Surely this could happen if the vote was held in December 2020 and applying COVID-19 protocol standards to prevent transmission of the deadly virus.

"Supervisors must be able to ensure that everyone who comes to the polling station must be the person we know, so the polling station supervisor must come from the local environment so that he knows the voters. If voters wear masks, they may not be well detected," he said in a Technical Working Meeting Virtual Election Prevention and Management of Election Violations in 2020 Bawaslu in North Sumatra, Saturday (05/09/2020).

Dewi hopes that there is a kind of regulation that the protocol standard is still obeyed but when using the right to vote, a mask must be opened to know who exactly the voters who came at the polling station.

Likewise, the standard for washing hands, should not be an opportunity to use the right to vote twice. The reason is, when referring to the health protocol SOP, there are media for washing hands with soap, which can affect the ink.

"We must recommend, the ink used must have good standards, high standards and not easily wear off. This is very much related to budget availability. Therefore, this becomes our vigilance in dealing with the elections in the 19th pandemic, "he concluded.

Editor: Jaa Pradana
Photographer: Christina Kartikawati


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