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Dewi Reminds The Need for Consistency of Capacity Building for Women

Member of Bawaslu Ratna Dewi Pettalolo /Photo: Public Relations of Bawaslu Sulsel
Makassar, The General Election Supervisory Agency (BAWASLU)  – The member of Bawaslu Ratna Dewi Pettalolo said that the struggle to increase women's capacity is very important. She assured, Bawaslu cares about women's rights so that necessary to control the efforts to improve women consistently.
When inaugurating the children's playroom and lactation at the Bawaslu Office of South Sulawesi Province (Sulsel) at Jalan AP Pettarani Number 98, Makassar City, Sunday (7/3/2021), Dewi appreciated the idea of children and women protection. According to her, Bawaslu Sulsel's efforts in providing free rights for women and children need to be developed continuously.
"South Sulawesi is the second province to do this. They deserve appreciation. Moreover, this idea departed from Coordinator of Public Relations Division (Kordiv Humas) Bawaslu Sulsel Saiful Jihad who in fact is a man," he said.
Dewi felt it need for consistency to fight for women's rights and capacity building. "We have to admit it's not easy," she said.
"I always try to be able to support, back up capacity building, especially for women. And admittedly, not everyone has the same concern," explained Dewi.
When waiting for simultaneous election 2024, there is plenty of time to make preparations. Capacity building of human resources, especially women should start from now.
"Election 2024, recruitment of organizers, moving rooms (places), to 'up grade' (as supervisors) to the provincial level should have started to be done (capacity building for women). That way, when the time comes, we are ready to participate in the competition," said Dewi in front of the invitation which was also attended by a number of representatives from the Indonesian Women's Coalition.
Chairman bawaslu Sulsel HL Arumahi said the effort to build children's playroom and lactation are an example for other institutions. "I don't think that many institution have done this yet. We also grateful for the opportunity of Mrs. Dewi who took the time to attend the inauguration," said Arumahi.
Also present at the inauguration, Members of Bawaslu Sulsel Amrayadi, Azry Yusuf, Head of Secretariat Bawaslu Sulsel Dr Jalaludin, Emha Husain from Koaliasi Perempuan Indonesia (KPI), Chairman and Coordinator of Secretariat Bawaslu District / City Sulsel.
Translator: Fernanda Alice
Editor: Ranap THS
Penulis dan Foto: Chairdir Pratama (Public Relations of Bawaslu Sulsel)

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