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As many as 34 Head Secretary of Election Supervisory Board Province Discuss about NPHD

Jakarta, Election Supervisory Board -- Until June 8, 2015, more than half of the 269 provincial and district/city are scheduled to hold Regional simultaneous Elections in 2015, has not signed the Regional Grant Agreement Letter (Naskah Perjanjian Hibah Daerah/NPHD, ed.). From the data was received by Election Supervisory Board RI noted, there are as many as 121 provinces, districts/cities that have signed NPHD, the rest are still in the process.

The issue was revealed during a meeting with 34 heads secretariat and representatives of the Election Supervisory Board Province Secretariat throughout Indonesia related to management  and accountability NPHD Election Supervision of regional head on the 4th floor of the Election Supervisory Board building, Monday (8/6).

The meeting has been opened by Chairman of Election Supervisory Board RI, Endang Wihdatiningtyas and leaded by Secretary General Election Supervisory Board RI Gunawan Suswantoro. The meeting aims to inventory the regions that have and not to have yet signed NPHD well as formulating the planning, utilization and accountability of regional grants for monitoring Regional Elections.

Secretary General od Election Supervisory Board RI Gunawan Election Supervisory Board Suswantoro said the importance of updating the Election Supervisory Board provincial in level districts/cities in the region that have signed NPHD and coordinate the management of the budget in a responsible manner so as to maximize the supervision of elections in the region. Therefore, the provincial Election Supervisory Board is a work units which oversees and coordinates the Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu, ed.) secretariat in their districts/cities areas.

While at the center level said Gunawan, Election Supervisory Board RI coordinate the availability and completion of the signing of the grant funds election monitoring by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance in particular the Director General of the Budgeting and State Treasury office. Because without the availability of sufficient grants, elections supervision was not optimal and would be detrimental to the area concerned.

Related to the proposed activities at the district/city for budgetary grants, Secretary General Election Supervisory Board said, need supervision and coordination with the Secretariat of Election Supervisory Board Province.  "Supervisory Committee shall not be own Working Unit. Election Supervisory Board province as a working unit and take responsibility, "he said.

The meeting - which was also attended by Ministry of Internal Affairs official and Ministry of Finance official - raises problems management of grants. Among other things, the proposed activities of the Panwas to Election Supervisory Board provinces that are not equipped with the bank account code, so make it difficult preparation of Budgeting List, management of grants given once or gradually, and the format of the accountability report on the use of grant funds.

In addition, the entire Election Supervisory Board provincial secretary head ask for protection against the management of grants and accountability. Because a number of the country's financial management rules are often different from field conditions. Protection in question is relevant ministries, especially the Ministry of Finance asked to issue a discretionary (regulation/specific actions) when assessed budget management Audit Board (BPK) is not well targeted or deviated from the state financial administration.

Author : Raja Monang Silalahi 

Photo : Muktar



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