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Leaders Election Supervisory Board: Bansos Fund Do not abused

Jakarta, Elections Supervisory Board - One of the potential violations that often occur in the implementation of the General Election the misuse of Social Assistance Funds (Bansos, Ed.) conducted by the region head and other local authorities. This fact was said by Leader Election Supervisory Board RI Nelson Simanjuntak after attending a meeting between KPU, Election Supervisory Board, and DKPP in KPU office, Friday (5/6).

Nelson explained, based on existing records, there are many potential violations related to the misuse of Bansos funds, both in the national and regional scale. It must be the object of supervision is also highly prioritized by Election Supervisory Board.

"Election Supervisory Board will continue monitoring this Bansos fund related to the use of funds should not be misused to provide support for the candidate, whether incumbent or supported by incumbent," said Nelson.

In this case, Nelson continued, Election Supervisory Board not have the authority to make its own rules regarding this matter that prohibits the use of social assistance funds for election activities. He said Election Supervisory Board can only take steps to prevent the continued monitoring.

"All things whatsoever in the Acts, including the case with the use of Bansos funds should be implemented. Likewise, when there are prohibition should be heeded. Election Supervisory Board conduct supervision in accordance with the rules of the law," he continued.

Furthermore Nelson asserts, Election Supervisory Board will send letter to each local government to take neutral position and not abuse of authority in accordance with the rules of existing legislation.

"In addition to sending a letter to the local government, Election Supervisory Board also optimizes supervision in the field," he said.


Author    : Pratiwi Eka Putri

Photo     : Irwan

Editor    : Ali Imron


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