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Considered Disadvantaged, Supervisory Committee Must Prove The Doubts from Others

Bangli, Elections Supervisory Board – Election Supervisors Committee (Supervisory Committee) at district/city level is given authority to resolve election disputes. Many people doubt the ability and neutrality of the Supervisory Committee in carrying out this authority.

"It's a challenge to the Supervisory Committee and proving to all those who doubt the ability and especially the neutrality. Show that Supervisory Committedly are professional and neutral in dispute resolution," said Chairman of Election Supervisory Board RI Muhammad as a guest speaker in the socialization and Face to Face Abuse Supervision and Management in the Context of the election of Governors, District Heads, and Mayors of the Year 2015, in Bangli, Thursday (4/6).

According to Muhammad, doubt from the various parties is not without cause. Supervisory Committee formed as ad hoc basis when there are elections only. As a result, Supervisory Committedly neutrality was doubly because their work are temporary. In addition, the settlement of electoral disputes, are the important task and considered quite heavy and require the capability to complete.

Election Supervisory Board, added Muhammad, had requested the legal opinion of the Supreme Court (MA) associated with the Supervisory Committedly authority. Fatwa MA stated that the settlement of disputes are resolved at the level of occurrence of the dispute.

Previously, Election Supervisory Board try to accept concerns the settlement of disputes from related parties conducted by Supervisory Committedly. Many of them requested that the dispute settlement conducted by the Board of Provincial Election Supervisory Board and Central Election Supervisory Board.

"Many also worry Supervisory Committedly is entrusted party or a particular electoral participant. So that later, could affect the settlement of disputes," added Muhammad.

However, he promised Central Election Supervisory Board and Provincial Election Supervisory Board will always supervision, monitoring and guidance to Supervisory Committedly in dispute resolution. It is also done to reduce these doubts.

"If proven to be neutral, we will announce in the newspapers, that you do not respect fired for taking bribes. It will shut your future opportunities. Also will bring shame to your family," he said.


Penulis           : Falcao Silaban

Foto                : Wisnu Broto


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