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The Candidates Can Report to Election Supervisory Board If KPU Discriminatory

Act No. 8 of 2015 concerning Election of governors, regents, and the mayor has given new powers to the Election Supervisor, namely to resolve the election dispute whose decision is final and binding. Therefore, if the candidates of region head feel aggrieved by KPU, can complain to the Election Supervisory Board.

So said Leader of Election Supervisory Board RI, Nasrullah in the Socialization of Face to Face Stakeholders and Society in the Framework of Supervision and Handling Violations election of Governor and Deputy Governor, Regent and Deputy Regent, and Mayor of the Year 2015 at the Regent office of East Kutai, East Kalimantan, on Thursday (4 / 6). Nasrullah explained, in a dispute over the electoral process there are final and binding decision on the appropriate level of the election supervisory (Supervisory Committee am) levels, and there are final and binding on the Supreme Court (MA). Efforts in the MA, he added, can be done if the applicant's claim was rejected by the Supervisory Committee and PTTUN.

"The dispute ended in the MA is concerned about the nomination, or the things that result disqualify a candidate. For example, there are candidates who are disqualified because, it does not pass the factual verification, fake diplomas or health is considered less by the KPU, please accountable to the Supervisory Committee. If later in the dispute resolution process that turns the lawsuit was rejected by the Supervisory Committee, it could add a further law effort to PTTUN, and if rejected also the last room is to the MA," he explained.

Meanwhile, to dispute where the decision are final and binding on the Supervisory Committee, said Nasrullah, is a dispute to the KPU which do not result in product candidates abort. One of them is related to candidates campaign props, where of this time will be facilitated by the state.

In previous elections, the spread of campaign props such as banners, billboards, stickers, and more are unbalanced between candidates from one another. Number of campaign props scattered in an area often skewed because mastered by richest candidates. However, based on Act No.8/2015, KPU will be made campaign props to all candidates equally and at once put it.

"If there is discrimination, there are candidates for example by KPU only be installed in certain areas and lack of access, while other candidates installed near the terminal market, strategic places. The candidates could tell apply for settlement of disputes. So Supervisory Committee it played a role as a model of adjudication, like semi-judicial," Nasrullah explained.

On that occasion, Coordinator Division of Dissemination, Public Relations and Inter-Agency Relations calls on the entire Supervisory Committee to be more assertive in the line of duty. Nasrullah also warned that the Supervisory Committee does not "play" with the participants of the election, that the election was not a success, in terms of smooth implementation, but also produce the best candidates. "Do not easily persuaded," he concluded.


Author: Haryo Sudrajat


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